The Wasiyya of Shaykh Muhammad Hayat al-Sindi al-Madani al-Ash’ari

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The following is the Wasiyya (advice) of al-Shaykh al-‘Allama al-Muhaddith Muhammad Hayat al-Sindi al-Madani al-Ash’ari (d. 1163 AH):

The first thing which is necessary for man to learn is that by the means of which he may rectify his beliefs. He should then learn those actions and characteristics with which he will be able to obtain the love of Allah. He should avoid what is disliked in terms of actions. He should then strive in the performance of what is commanded and leave that which is prohibited – with sincerity – for the sake of the Lord of all creation. He should repent and seek forgiveness for each and every mistake to the best of his ability. He should think of himself as the lowest of all existence, and know that his Master is aware over him in every regard. He should remember death and the suffering which he will face from it’s agonies, as well as the grave and the many difficulties which lie therein. He should equip himself with the best of good deeds. He should remember the resurrection from the grave and what he will face after it in terms of terrifying atrocities. He should not forget the reckoning, and the presentation of the book, nor the weighing of the good and the bad deeds. He should not be heedless of the fire in which will occur the severest of chastisements. He should take up a shield of good deeds which will safeguard him from it’s heat and malice by the blessing of the Creator of all created things. He should yearn for paradise – wherein the hearts will desire nothing, and the eyes will be delighted. Thus, regarding it (paradise), those who vie with one another, then they should vie with one another in regards to it – and likewise, those who strive, then they should strive for it, and those who yearn, then they should yearn for it. O Allah, save us from your punishment, and enter us into your paradise by your Mercy, and send salutations and peace upon the most noble of your creation.

Written by Muhammad Hayat al-Sindi al-Madani – may Allah, exalted is He, pardon him.

The above image is in the handwriting of Shaykh Muhammad Hayat al-Sindi, may the Mercy of Allah be upon him.

– This wasiyya is found among a manuscript compilation in al-Maktaba al-Wataniyya in Tunisia. Also among the manuscripts is his commentary on 40 hadiths as well as other works.

Image, Wasiyya and Comments Courtesy of Shaykh Nizar Hammadi


من الشيخ نزار حمادي:

وصية الشيخ العلامة المحدِّث محمد حياة السندي المدني الأشعري (ت1163هـ)

ينبغي للإنسان أن يتعلم أوّلا ما يصحح به اعتقاده، ثم يتعلم ما يقدر به على تحصيل ما يحبُّه الله تعالى من الأعمال والأحوال، واجتناب ما يكرهه من الأفعال، ثم يجتهد في إتيان المأمورات، وترك المنهيات خالصا، لوجه رب المخلوقات، ويبالغ في التوبة والاستغفار من جميع الخطيئات، ويرى نفسه أحقر الموجودات، ويعلم أن مولاه مطلع عليه في جميع الحالات، ويذكر الموت وما يلاقي عنده من السكرات، والقبر وما فيه من الصعوبات، وليتزوَّدْ له أحسن الحسنات، ويذكر النشور من القبور وما يلاقي بعده من الأهوال المنكرات، ولا ينسى الحساب وإعطاء الكتاب، ورجحان الحسنات والسيئات، ولا يغفل عن النار التي فيها أشد العقوبات، وليتخذ جُنَّة من أعمال الخير تقيه حرَّها وشرَّها بفضل خالق المصنوعات، وليتشوق إلى الجَنَّة التي فيها ما تشتهيه الأنفس وتلذ الأعين، ففيها فليتنافس المتنافسون، ولمثلها فليعمل العاملون، وإليها فليشتاق المشتاقون. اللهم نجنا من نقمتك، وأدخلنا جنتك برحمتك، وصل وسلم على أشرف خلقك.

كتبه محمد حياة السندي المدني عفى الله عنه تعالى

هذه صورة لخط الشيخ محمد حياة السندي رحمه الله تعالى

وهذه الوصية توجد ضمن مجموع مخطوط بالمكتبة الوطنية بتونس يتضمن شرح الأربعين له وغير ذلك


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