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Ali Rida Qadri and his False Claims of Slander

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Ali Rida Qadri’s Claim:

the original arabic shows only defence of Munawi against the claims of Ibn Hajar al-Makki al-Haytami

here is the arabic which StudentoftheDeen distorted:

قال العلامة عبدالرؤوف المناوي الشافعي – 1029 هـ – في [شرحه ] بعد سوقه لكلام ابن حجر ما نصه: [فقول ابن حجر غير مستقيم، أما أولاً فلأنهما قالا: إن الرؤية المذكورة كانت في المنام، وهذه كتبهما حاضرة، وأما ثانياً فلأنا نؤمن بأن له يداً لا كيد المخلوق، فلا مانع من وضعها وضعاً لا يشبه وضع الخلوق، بل وضع يليق بجلاله، وعجبت من الشيخ ابن حجر كيف أنكر هذا مع وجود خبر الترمذي: أتاني ربي في أحسن صورة فقال: فيم يختصم الملأ الأعلى ؟ فقلت: لا أدري ! فوضع كفه بين كتفي، فوجدت بردها بين ثندوتي –أي ثديي– وتجلى لي علم كل شيء] اهـ .

A forum fraudster called Ali Rida Qadri claimed that I distorted the quote from Imam al-Munawi, but the real question is: Why did he and did not quote the initial part of al-Munawi’s words?! It is because he is merely a forum fraudster who just cuts and pastes from other forums without checking the quotes!! This has been his way for more than 10 years now, and his fitna is still ongoing.

The above Arabic quote was taken from the book Jala al-‘Aynayn by the pseudo-Salafi known as Nu’man al-Alusi!

The quote was not even from me, rather it was quoted on from Dr. Khaled el-Rouayheb who said in his article – Changing views of ibn Taymiyya among non-Hanbali Sunni scholars (p. 283 of the book entitled Ibn Taymiyya and His Times):

“For example, the Egyptian Shafi’i scholar and mystic ‘Abd al-Ra’uf al-Munawi (d. 1622 ), in his commentary on al-Tirmidhi’s Shama’il, cited ibn Hajar’s condemnation of ibn Taymiyya’s suggestion that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) had let down a part of his turban to mark the spot between his shoulders that God had touched with His hand. Though al-Munawi’s overall assessment of ibn Taymiyya and ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya was anything but positive, he did not believe that this particular proposition of theirs was beyond the pale:

“I say: As to them (ibn Taymiyya and ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya) being reprehensible innovators, there is no disagreement (amma kawnahuma min al-mubtadi’a fa-musallam). As to this particular claim being based on corporealism, this is not correct. First, because they said that the mentioned seeing was during sleep… Second, because (they also said) we believe that He has a hand unlike the created being, and hence there is nothing to prevent placing It in a manner that does not resemble the placing of a created being.”

Dr. Khaled el-Rouayheb placed a footnote to the last quote from al-Munawi (no. 32) by saying:

“Abd al-Ra’uf al-Munawi, Sharh al-Shama’il (MS British library; Or. 12522), fol. 148a. The passage is quoted in al-Alusi, Jala al-‘Aynayn, 569, THOUGH AL-ALUSI LEFT OUT THE FIRST SENTENCE IN WHICH AL-MUNAWI AGREED THAT IBN TAYMIYYA AND IBN QAYYIM AL-JAWZIYYA WERE INNOVATORS (Mubtadi’a). The British Library manuscript from which I have quoted was written in 999/1590-1, 32 years before the death of al-Munawi, and may be an autograph.”


If the above is not sufficient for Ali Rida Qadri, then here is the quote from the printed edition of Imam al-Munawi’s work as printed on the margin of Imam Mulla ‘Ali al-Qari’s Sharh (commentary) on the Shama’il (1/168-9):


munawionibntayimyyabein (1)

(Images Courtesy of Dr. Khaled el-Rouayheb)


Ali Rida Qadri is a disseminator of the cut up version of the quote from al-Alusi who in turn distorted and removed the initial sentence of Imam al-Munawi’s verdict, ie. that ibn Taymiyya was an innovator, by consensus…

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